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on_linequizzes's Journal

22 June
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I am me. You want to know more...ask! :)
affection, anger managment, animals, anime, anne rice, anything relating to black, anything relating to dreams, anything relating to fantasies, anything relating to night, art, astronomy, best friends, billards, books, boys, butterflies, cameras, candles, cars, cartoons, cats, chuck jones, cigarettes, computers, concerts, craziness, creativity, cuddling, dancing, dee snider's strangeland, dogs, dragonball, dragonball z, dragons, drawing, dvds, edgar allan poe, faeries, fetishes, fighting, friendly-fun people, friends, gay friends, ghosts, gothic things, guys, hanging out with friends, harley davidson, heaven, hell, hockey, honesty, horoscope, horror flicks, hot topic, hugs, humor, imagination, individuality, internet, inuyasha, invader zim, jay and silent bob, journals, kevin smith movies, kisses, kissing, knives, laughing, leather, life, lighters, lightning, livejournals, loud obnoxious rock music, loudness, love, makeup, making love, malls, matches, me, memories, men, modern art, monty python, moon, motorcycles, movies, mtv, muscle cars, music, my friend's journals, my friends, my journal, mythology, new jersey, new jersey devils, new york, new york jets, new york mets, nightmares, non-conformity, observing people, on-line quizzes, painting, people, piercings, pixies, poetry, rain, reading, revenge, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, school, screaming, secrets, sex, shouting, sleep, sleeping, smoking, spencers, stars, stuffed animals, sunrises, sunsets, superstitions, swords, talking on the phone, tattoos, teddy bears, tex avery, the crow, thoughts, thunder, updating my journal, vampire, vampire hunter d, vampire hunter d bloodlust, vampyre, william shakespeare, witches, woodbridge mall, writing, yelling, yu yu hakusho, zodiac